Connect with those on a similar path


Embrace your intrigue of designers, the confusion of fashion, flattering silhouettes, the love/hate relationship with shopping, luxury suiting,  world-class closet confections etc.. Its time to discover bonds with other style conscious professionals interested designing a blueprint for their image and a reinvigorated style signature as multilayered as themselves.

The only constant is change


Our panel discussions will encompass a myriad of topics. One of the most provocative being. what takes place when two corporate cultures collide due to M&A ? Additionally,  what questions come to mind when your promotion increases your visibility and thus necessitates an enhanced dress code?

We nudge clients and our peers to be their authentic "selves"


Our VIPs and executive clients have built such immense companies and followings that at some point they neglected their private, authentic self for the permanent "public self". Furthermore these men and women have devolved themselves into a ubiquitous "work self", eschewing their "private self", meant to enjoy personal elegance and the pleasure of being attracted to the person in the mirror.